The online application period for Tomorrow’s Schemes 2018 will be open from the 9th until the 20th of April. So if you think you could add value to Gwynedd Council’s workforce as a Specialist Trainee or a Management Trainee then this is your chance!

Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme | Managers of Tomorrow Scheme

The Tomorrow Specialists Scheme is a unique opportunity for anyone with a degree (or equivalent or higher) to develop a career as a specialist in Gwynedd Council.

If you have ever thought that you would like to work for local government, the Tomorrow Specialists Scheme is the  opportunity for you.



The purpose of the Specialists of Tomorrow Scheme is to develop specialists of the highest possible calibre to undertake key posts within specific areas of the Council.

The scheme gives an opportunity for future specialists to become familiar with the experiences, networks and qualifications which are needed to build the firm foundation on which to start your career with the Council.



>   The scheme’s duration is three years

>   Receive all possible support and resources to gain a higher-level professional qualification

>   The experience of working within various departments and contributing to work relating to information under supervision in a range of services

>   An opportunity to gain valuable experiences which go beyond the usual, to address the political, strategic, executive and front-line work which are integral elements of the Council’s functions

>   Continual support and reviews

 Develop the confidence, skills and understanding of the behaviours required to be an effective specialist in the Council.

● Information Pack ●



>   Have or expected to be awarded a 2:1 degree or higher. This degree should be in a subject which is relevant to the field. You are qualified to apply no matter when you graduated.

 Fluent in both Welsh and English

>   Hold a GCSE grade C or above in Mathematics, Welsh, English and Science

>   Passionate and truly wish to work in local government

>   Have shown a willingness to develop your understanding in the information field e.g. in an educational situation, social or community situation.



The qualification that will be studied as part of the Scheme is a LLM Masters in ‘Information Rights Law and Practice’

  • 3 year course
  • Completed through the Northumbria University
  • Taught via distance learning and open days
  • Regular travel will be required

More information regarding this qualification ●



The pay scale will be £22,434 – £24,717 (Grade S2)

The exact salary point will be dependent upon progress

Dyddiadau pwysig i'w cofio_ (2)


Watch the video below to get some tips on how to complete your application!



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